Kallipso Mais

As a designer, I love working over a range of mediums, I feel this really broadens the creative mind and brings new and unique ideas to the table. While my main passion has been creating publications and having a huge love for typography, I always find myself working across all areas to grow my work in new ways, whether that be making objects or illustrating. My goal throughout university was to create work for a positive impact in the world, which is why now having an internship with 91 Untold in Bristol is the perfect stepping stone towards my

career. With them so far I have created work designing for print, web, and video directing to editing.


This was a newspaper I created to present how the media speaks about gentrification to find different views on the topic, and to compare to the voices straight from the people who have been affected.

Belonging To...

I created this engraved wallet to represent the feelings and emotions behind a victim of gentrification using an empty wallet with the words laser engraved inside.

Community over Conformity

This is a publication exploring how gentrification has affected people in different cities, and the negative impact it can have. The publication also includes illustrations I have done to accompany the text and represent the stories being told.