Kayleigh Munn

As a graphic designer, my main passions include editorial, publication, typography and illustration, producing primarily print-based work. Design has always been an integral part of my life, I began my career in architecture but my passions quickly led me to graphic design, where I feel I can really make an impact on the world. My design style is reflective of me as a person - organised, minimalist, thoughtful, open to new ideas and influences, but also at times bold, daring, and comical. However, I enjoy the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone, and ultimately intend to

continue developing in a range of practical as well as theoretical areas of design to become a diverse designer.

Vegas Baby

Vegas baby is a book designed to take the reader past the glamorous facade of Las Vegas to explore the deeper darker side to the sin city, using the subtle chaotic composition of the pages and layering of illustrations and typography to give an uncomfortable energy to the book.


This book aims to better peoples understanding of zero as a number and concept, celebrating its importance. The design focuses on illustrative type and negative space to represent the ideas of the page and of zero in an expressive and engaging manner.

Repetitive Music

This large laser cut design is a visual representation of musical notation repetition, looking specifically at the four-chord progression within a guitar song. The dots represent the finger positions when playing the chords G, D, Em & C, highlighting the elements of repetition that unite to create the song.

Wash Your Hands

This project explores the sequence in which people are washing their hands, concentrating on the movement and repetition using the basic symbol design to represent the action. The posters and moving image series look at the subconscious repetition within the task, drawing more attention, particularly during COVID-19.


This series of large scale prints explore how everyday routines have changed with the COVID-19 lockdown, and how this has affected both work and home life. This encourages viewers to reflect on their own everyday routine, how they have adapted to new circumstances, and how priorities have changed.

Practice makes perfect

Practice Makes Perfect looks at how repetition is used within learning, exploring who it benefits, how, when, and why it’s so important. The square, three-piece publication is largely type based, expressing the content in an informative and playful way without the use of images.