Lauren Dutch

My name is Lauren, and I am a multi-disciplinary designer based in Bristol, specialising in type and print, art direction and motion graphics. Within my work, I aim to subtly influence my audience, embedding a message or opinion in their head that provokes conversation and communicates the curiosity that has driven my process to its final outcome.

Spread from ISTD Submission (2020) - 'The Anomalies'

ISTD 'The Anomalies'

A publication looking at the significance of numbers in relation to aircraft disasters and anomalies, with the aim of easing the fears of passengers and giving them a new understanding of the statistics involved through the use of infographics inserts, including timelines, route maps and mathematical explanations.

The Void of Data

An installation created with Arduino, Processing and an Adafruit Receipt Printer. The code scans Twitter for tweets posted with the hashtag '#tmi' as a social comment on how we as a species overshare, and how this could have negative effects on our privacy.

Digitally Embroidered Flag (2020)

A Society, Surveilled

A flag designed for the surveillance state in which we currently reside; the eye, made up of 0's and 1's, represents how we are no longer watched by human eyes, but by the eyes of algorithms. This flag was handmade and digitally embroidered.

Do You Accept This Privacy Violation?

A series of GIFs that sarcastically comment on the blatant privacy abuses laid out, plain for us to see, in the T+C's and Privacy Policies of conglomerates and companies.

Screen-Printed Poster (2020) 'Navigate The Maze'

Are You Aware of Your Rights?

A series of three screen-printed posters, drawing awareness to the ways our privacy is often invaded and exploited, and what we can do to remedy this. Printed on A2 paper using metallic ink. There are also moving versions of these posters on my Vimeo channel.

Extended Study Spread Image (2020)

PDF - click image to view

Process Document - Is Privacy Now Dead?

My digital process document, showing all my research, experimentations and mistakes that got me to my final outcomes.