Leah Williams

Leah Jayne is a Graphic Designer focused on bringing a positive change to the world, hoping to help shape the minds of the future, through visual storytelling.

The Jack of all Adobe Software with skills in Adobe; InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere pro, and knowledge in Adobe After Effects.

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Check out my website and Vimeo channel for more.

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Business As Usual

Series of art directed photographs speculating how life goes on now we have to keep 6 feet apart. The main aim of this series is to make light of the new boundaries we are having to face as a result of the global pandemic, and turn this into a positive.

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Revival Survival

Revival Survival brings people together to discuss climate change whilst making outfits for survival. The main aim of this publication is to protest change, discussing the relationship between climate change and fast fashion, targeting fast fashion consumers.

Collaborators: Lottie Johnson

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Climate Evolution Optimists

Your future C.E.Os, formally known as Climate Evolution Optimists, are here. Speculating on daily life in Bristol, 2050, through the lens of current climate projections, the CEOs seek to encourage groups that are disenfranchised by todays media platforms, to think differently and engage in community focused conversations around climate issues.

Collaborators: Leah Williams (Producer & Social Media Manager), Emilia Bermejo-Ford (Visual Identity & Content Advisor), Samuel Boik (Events Management & Ethnographer), Rachel Bonner (Editorial & Layout Designer), Marta Celio (Editorial & Layout Designer), Lauren Davies (Director), Daniel Schenck (Editorial & Layout Designer)

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Low Frequency

A not for profit newspaper highlighting the importance of the live music industry and the communities built around it. Main aim is to raise awareness around the precarious situation of music venues and cultural organisations underfunded by the government, whilst celebrating Bristol's vibrant music scene.

Collaborators: Marta Celio

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A P A R T (Y)

Coming together by staying apart, A P A R T (Y) is a street party celebrating social distancing. Most, if not all us, are feeling the impact of lack of physical social interaction this website aims to celebrate people abiding by the new measures and staying at home.

Collaborators: Rebecca Jones

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Bake Care

Bake Care is a campaign to bring people together during the COVID 19 outbreak, supporting their mental wellbeing. In this troubling time of uncertainty and distress, it’s important that we support our wellbeing and help others to do the same.