Leonardo Tanuwijaya

I'm an Indonesian Graphic Designer that seeks to challenge impossibility and shine through the inexplicable with witty, meticulous, and thought-provoking design. I am a generalist with a specialist mind. I love to learn new stuff and when I do, I immerse myself into it.

Covers of Wholly in Suspense

Wholly in Suspense

The Divine Comedy is beautiful Italian literature which originally by the Italian poet, Dante Alighieri. Most of the modern translation of the classic lose the essence of the original. This book interpret the last canto of Paradiso into a more contemporary and digestible poetry piece.

Mockups of Empyrean typeface


Empyrean is a blackletter script inspired by calligraffiti and Rennaisance-era typography. Empyrean was designed to feel like it belongs to both the 14th and 21st century. It offers consistent rhythm with uniform width and stroke angle. Natural brush-like qualities and continuous ligatures between the overlapping strokes give a satisfying look.

A mockup of Larsson Sans typeface

Larsson Sans

Larsson Sans is a sans serif typeface with 7 weights. It has serif qualities with a slight stroke angle. It was designed to be used in classical music festivals, museums and other similar field.

Posters of Glossary of Money Series

Glossary of Money

A series of typographic posters designed with money aesthetics.

a mockup of a flashcard

Flashcards of Payment Method

The series of flashcards were inspired by the world's history of payment methods.

A spread of Crash of Cash

Crash of Cash

This publication gives information about some countries approaches towards cashless economy.