Millie Bowie

Being an eco-conscious individual, I have educated myself on relative topics such as greenwashing, aiming to implement this knowledge wherever possible in my future career.

I approach projects with an open mind, basing my design decisions on information I find out through vigorous research and user testing. I am fascinated by the way our brains work and the way in which they operate in the design sector. Through creating physical outcomes, I have developed an excellent understanding of how interactive elements can be utilised within design, for example thinking about the way a publication is unveiled and the journey that

the viewer goes through.

Being mentored by Weston Ironside, a senior designer at Taxi Studio, has given me the opportunity to get an external opinion on my projects, and learn how to critique my own work, in order to further improve it and make it as successful as possible.

Skin colour is not a symptom: Campaign

After hearing that members of the Asian community were getting both verbally and physically attacked due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, I created this campaign to highlight how incredibly awful and wrong this is and remind people that Skin Colour is not a Symptom.

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Billi is a sustainable fashion brand. Phoebe, the owner of Billi, is against fast fashion and utilises the material of 'diamonds in the rough' - she finds second hand clothing that has the potential to be reworked into stunning articles of clothing.

Eliminating Ignorance: Speaking out for the deaf community

After speaking with 16 year old, Ella, who has a cochlear implant and who struggled with being left out at school, I realised that the general public really lacks knowledge of the deaf community. Exclusion would be much less of an issue if the general public knew some key information.

Perfectly Scarred Campaign

Perfectly Scarred: Campaign

There has been minimal representation of people with imperfections in the media, with images being overly retouched and photo-shopped to give the illusion of 'perfection'. Each subject has shared a photograph of themselves wearing their neon band, featuring their relative scar, in the hope to normalise these perceived flaws.

Perfectly Scarred

Perfectly Scarred: Publication

This publication compiles a series of scars that people close to me have. I hope that, throughout reading the publication, the viewer will be encouraged to be proud of their own scars through the confidence and vulnerability of others.

Tossing & Turning

Tossing & Turning

Sleep deprivation is an increasingly common issue for adults in the UK. This pillow-sized publication begins with people who find it easy to drift off to sleep and takes the reader through a journey to people who suffer with insomnia. Its purpose is to prevent the reader from feeling isolated.