Morgan Cluley

Central to my work is an interest in storytelling and investigating identity within design. Recently, my work has taken on an interest in exploring the Queering of spaces and utopian narratives and how these themes are visualised.

I enjoy working across a range of mediums in my work as experimentation plays an important role in my design process, but I express myself best through creating tangible objects, writing, and print/editorial work.

Soft Mantra

A reclamation of our softness, Soft Mantra is a reminder for us to be gentle and kind to ourselves in a world where too often we choose self-criticism and self-hatred over self-love. The embroidered sweatshirt aims to get us thinking of ways we can love ourselves more.

Qtopia Manifesto

This is a manifesto exploring the future potentiality for a Queer utopia named Qtopia to exist. Qtopia governs itself on inclusivity and intersectionality across its policies to create a safe and accepting society, with its laws and regulations reflecting this belief.

Queer Zine Club

Queer Zine Club is an online platform dedicated to showcasing zines made by and for LGBTQ+ folks. Queer Zine Club's purpose is to bring people from the LGBTQ+ community closer together, whilst also sharing our stories with one another.

Soft Society

Soft Society is a workshop that explores incorporating radical softness into our lives and observing how it could change how society is run. This pillow poster aims to spread awareness about the workshop whilst beginning to explore the theme of softness.