Nadia Iga Utami

I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer and my design practice includes moving images, illustration, typography and art direction. I work across media with my designs and I consider myself as a versatile designer. I like highlighting smaller things in life in my work that's often overlooked, and making narratives based on them.


"Does camaraderie even exist in the first place?" The story about a camaraderie: a society in disguise. Each one to lean and rely on each other, only to find themselves to be broken for chances by any means possible. Whether you survive or not- its entirely up to you.

The Perspectives of Greetings

Hands become the physical symbol of greetings– many greetings are done by hand. It can be a traditional or colloquial greeting, the use of hands is inevitable. This is an observation of the different perspectives of hand greetings.

Lost in Numbers

Using the concept of how we deal with numbers in daily life activities, 'Lost in Numbers' is an a interactive book with basic Math problems that needs to completed, reminding us on how number is always around us without us even noticing.

'Common' Greetings

An animated illustration on what people would do to greet someone in the most 'common' way. Each illustration is based on a survey that asked people how to greet someone in the most 'common' way.

Motion of Hands

An extension of the project 'The Perspectives of Greetings', this is an animation on the use of hands in greetings and making them into a pattern.