Nicholetta Riyanto

Determined, enthusiastic and creative graphic designer with conceptual analytical thinking to tackle problems and challenges she faces. Interested in graphic design, stationery, typography to achieve aesthetic and functionality. Skilled to use digital design application program, as well as manual execution.


NONA is a branding project of a fashion line that promotes folklore as its core point. Through the scarflets, it tells about famous Indonesian folklore, to evoke consumer's emotion and memories of childhood.

1,000 HOUSES

A thousand houses - everyone deserves to have a home. A live brief project that campaigns to resolve empty houses and homelessness in Bristol.

Collaborators: Yoga Oktavian (Designer), Leonardo Tanuwijaya (Editor)


NEST’S raises awareness of how once we see the world. A publication made to awaken people's perspectives on the impact of the climate crisis on our surroundings.