Pippa Cairns

Hello, I am a Multi-Disciplinary Graphic Design currently based in Bristol. I like to embark on adventures throughout my designs, exploring different methods and materials that can create a confident narrative. I am innovative and creative with every brief that I complete. I have a years worth of Freelance experience, as well as numerous internships behind my back. As a designer I enjoy both Type, Print and Digital making me a versatile force that is happy to seek numerous adventures and clients. I have six years worth of design experience, I look forward to working with new and more

people to expand my skill set. My greatest ambition is to explore Spatial design, using the skills that I have adopted so far with brands and companies.

A Four-Day Manifesto Publication

A Four-Day Manifesto

A Four-Day Manifesto a Submission for the ISTD Award. Making individuals aware of a modern concept that appeared in the Labour Party Manifesto for the governmental election. Something that is apparent more then ever before, a discussion that has been going on for 50 years.

Hartley Wintney : Coming Together

For most people this was the first time that people had been confined into a space for such a long period of time. Only being allowed to go on one walk a day and leave to get essentials for the everyday. This publication explored the positives of people coming together

This is an unusual time

This 3 minute video is assisted by a 24 page Zine which explores our emotions towards initially being told that we would have to "Stay at Home". It explores language and imagery based on the same walk that I did throughout lockdown. Looking at the turn of events.

A Weight of Burden

This was a concept that explored the burden that we all carry unnoticed. Using a legitimate weight (extremely heavy) made out of Metal and cardboard as well as other materials - Put into the situation of the stress we have with money and everyday life problems.

Migration Intervention

An intervention using coding and Arduino in order to create a narrative that explores the emotions of migrants from Mexico coming into America. Exploring the extremes of the American Wall and the depth that they take in order to strip each migrants identity and humanitarian.