Rachel Bonner

As an ideas based designer, concept is key to creating my work in order for it to have social impact. I have a passion for design that makes a difference.

I have a traditional love for print, specifically editorial. However, I like to design with a more playful aesthetic which I feel is applicable to current trends, topics and culture. I also explore more digital areas of design, reflecting with an open mind the way graphic design is evolving.

I have a strong eye for aesthetic and love art direction, fashion and photography. I am adaptable, optimistic and very hard working.

I find working with others very inspiring so love collaborating with multidisciplinary creatives.

Most importantly, I am passionate about design, I love what I do and am excited for the future.

Incredibly Eccentric

A magazine that includes short interviews with some of the world's most eccentric people! It focuses on celebrating difference, embracing these incredible eccentrics and encouraging people to follow in their footsteps.


A book visualising an obsession with the number four. Exploring ancient numerology, the number four around us, obsessions with numbers and the Baader Meinhoff phenomenon. Every design decision is done in fours including type size, book format, colours and a symbol every fourth page, creating the impression of an obsession.

Beauty and The Bloke

Beauty and the Bloke is the pilot issue of Liberal Magazine. The magazine raises issues of diversity in order to educate its readers and encourage equality. The pilot issue focuses on the topic of cross dressing, drawing on the idea of naturally mixing stereotypes of masculine and feminine.


How can we think we know someone by knowing only where they came from? This campaign against stereotypical thinking aims to get people to notice how common stereotyping is and hopefully change this, promoting equality. Working collaboratively with photographer Samantha Corcoran to bring my concept and art direction to life.

Collaborators: Samantha Corcoran (Photographer )

They're A Bit Marmite

This video explores abnormal food combinations that were found for the content of a unique cookbook I designed. It shows how taste is individual, and that these food combinations are 'a bit Marmite', you don't know if you're going to love them or hate them.

Climate Evolution Optimists

A collaborative design piece made for the end of year publication for which I was editorial and layout designer. The book was about the 'new normal' set in 2050, after the effects of climate change. This content was gathered from workshops we ran as a design team.

Collaborators: Daniel Schenck (Editorial and Layout Design), Marta Celio (Editorial and Layout Design), Emilia Bermejo-Ford (Visual Identity and Content Advisor), Leah Williams (Producer and Social Media Manger), Sally Mosley (Web Design)