Robert Bandy

Hello! I'm a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, who specialises in print based publishing, type and brand identity. I'm enthusiastic about producing research led , light hearted but striking visuals that are responsive to the brief. I enjoy translating information into something visually appealing in a cheery, tactile way. As a designer it's important to me to work on and off the screen as to not fall complacent to software. Physical processes and traditional printing methods are what usually initiate my briefs.

I enjoy working as an independent designer, however I'm also very enthusiastic when given the opportunity to collaborate with

other artists, musicians and designers and learn more from them. Whether it be a personal, charitable or commercial brief, I understand the importance of communication with the client and working in financial restrictions while not limiting creative freedom.

Variable Conflict Typeface

I’ve created a variable typeface responding to conflicts between siblings. Each letter has two glyphs, each representing one side of the relationship. One side is very rigid and based heavily on a grid while the other takes a more flexible, curved & relaxed approach. B5 Spiral bound.

(F)un Detected Workshops

I created (F)un - an anti-surveillance brand. We ran workshops looking at how we can use face paint and makeup to trick facial detection in cameras. I documented all of this and created information packs to hand out and help others replicate what I’d learnt.

Shapes of Tension

As a continuation of my final year project I’ve studied the shapes in our every day lives that represent tension and conflict. This focused primarily on representing the moods, smells and objects as abstract shapes. Spiral bound.

Research Document

Documenting the earlier stages of lockdown. I collected good and bad news that came as a result of the pandemic. This news publication influenced a lot of my projects that followed. The publication is 250mm x 450mm and is staple bound.

Shared Roots - RSA

Shared Roots is a social initiative created collaboratively for this years RSA submission. The program aims to pair those in inner city lower income households with allotment owners. The aim of the box is to help educate and feed those who may struggle to access the relevant resources.

Collaborators: Sam Foot , Ella Staines

Selection of Printed works

A selection of print projects over the past year. Left: Professional practise work, Middle: A publication exploring the frustration behind the lack of touch during lockdown, Right: A 'how to run' your own anti surveillance workshop as part of (F)un. Details of each project can be found at: