Rosie X Bond

Having a deep curiosity for the world and people around me is what fuels my journalistic style of design. Whilst being an avid digital designer, I feel there is incredible beauty in perfecting analogue methods of image-making and printing, which I enjoy challenging myself to within my practice. Experimenting with appropriate materials and media allows me to match the design and subject matter to achieve maximum impact. I would say my experiences whilst travelling and my personal journey through university is what makes me create in an open-minded and speculative way. Much of my work is driven by my

burning desire to make real change with current issues / events through the medium of design and my mission is to help others by advocating a better world for humans, wildlife and the planet. In the coming years I aim to involve myself in collaborations and opportunities internationally and locally.

Lost To The Waves

Lost To The Waves is a 120 page exploration of rising sea levels due to the Earth’s changing climate and the consequences this has, or will have, on living beings. The contents of the book combines science and art to piece together this complex phenomena. View more on my website.

Facing The Music

Observing on the public desensitisation and disassociation to climate change, Ruby and I recorded MET Office weather patterns throughout Storm Dennis and converted this data into musical notes which can be played by instruments. We represented the audio visually, in the form of a film and riso printed publication.

Collaborators: Ruby Craner-Buckley (Graphic Designer), Rebecca Jones (Sound Design)

Plan(et) Reset

As university came to a holt during the time of Covid-19, I began to focus my work on the potential environmental positives that could evolve from the pandemic. This posterzine explores the shifting attitudes towards the world around us and encourages a deeper connection to nature during and after Covid-19.

Hive Mind

A call-to-action campaign to raise awareness about the sudden reduction in bee populations and to promote protection of bees and their habitats within the UK and beyond. Designed outcomes of this project includes screen printed patches hand sewn onto a bee keeping suit, a film, stickers and two zines. 

Pleasure In Nature Zine Series

A collaborative series of 4 zines exploring the pleasures that can be found in nature. The zine displayed above discusses the destruction of surfing habitats. My role was to design the typography and layout whilst Jamie created appropriate illustrations. The narrative for the zines was co-created by both of us.

Collaborators: Jamie Irving (illustrator and co-creator)

Handle With Care

Publication exploring the fragility of nature in forests. My illustrations were lasercut into 20GSM paper, creating easily-broken pages, reflecting the delicate characteristics of our planet’s forests. The pages feature a poem winding along the lasercut illustrations, written by me from the perspective of an ant. Gloves and magnifying glass inserted.