Ruby Craner-Buckley

I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Bristol. I'm driven to produce empathetic work, where I strive to use design to make a positive difference. I like to create and take on work that incorporates an environmentally conscious angle. I really enjoyed my internship at Bunker Creative where I learnt a lot about the graphic design industry. I am always curious to learn more and carry on producing consistently meaningful work.

Please get in contact for commissions or collaborations and visit my website to view more of my work.

We are but a blip

Inspired by Stephan Sagmeister, this maxim is a reminder to worry less, as the dot of the 'i' reminds us we are a small part of a big universe. This was created by laying out a large roll of paper in to letter forms and photographing with a drone.


A series of hand embroidered or screen printed garments worn at environmental protests and used in a film to highlight what greenwashing is, who the culprits are, and how to combat it. Please visit my website for more images and my dissertation about greenwashing.

Black Penguin Pear Flavoured Gin

I won the live brief set by Bunker Creative to brand the next edition of Black Penguin Gin. I had the amazing opportunity of working with them as part of my internship to bring the idea from page to screen to finished distributed product.

Sustainable Palm Oil Guide For Students

This publication was made in collaboration with Amy Staff, to encourage students to use their purchasing power to support brands that use sustainable palm oil. It is in over 50% of EU supermarket products. As the highest yielding oilseed crop, boycotting palm oil would only intensify the problem.

PDF - click image to view

Is Nuclear Power The Temporary Solution?

Looking at the arguments for an environmentally controversial topic, questioning if nuclear power can temporarily sustain us, whilst we decommission gas and oil and act as an intermediary while renewables gain infrastructure.

Facing the Music

We have become desensitised by the conventional ways that natural disasters and unnatural weather patterns are portrayed. This project attempted to combat this unconventionally to help evoke environmental action, by interpreting Storm Dennis data records into music, with an accompanying publication and moving image.

Collaborators: Rosie Bond (Editor)