Safia Belhaj

I’m a meticulous, organised and energised designer. Having grown up in, and a citizen of, multiple countries my work is inspired by culture and identity. My versatility across multiple mediums, although my passion is for print, allows me to work on a variety of different projects. My final collection of work revolves around exploring how to keep culture alive and reviving my own dying culture. A storyteller at heart, I use this skill to help others tell their own stories.

Ode to my Homeland

Resin jewellery preserving spices and herbs grown in the Nafusa Mountains, Libya from which I originate. Using chilli flakes, rosemary and thyme brought over from the mountains; I preserve a piece of the land which can be carried and worn with me. This bridges the distance between homes and homelands.

How to Reday

Knowledge orally passed down through generations is at risk of being forgotten. A screen-printed Libyan traditional wrap dress aims to preserve this knowledge in relation to my own culture. Its pattern tells a story of the Nafusa Mountains. A video showing it wrapped preserves this knowledge for future generations.

Tifinagh Revived

A typeface that revives the dying Amazigh alphabet called Tifinagh. By fusing English letters with their Tifinagh symbol equivalent this font creates a space for this dying alphabet to have a new life to be remembered by younger generations.