Sally Mosley

My work is highly concept driven with a strong focus on social design and aims to provoke thought and impact people and their lives. My main body of degree work was focused around the subject of living cost, exploring themes such as privilege, access, the wealth divide and how this has been affected by COVID-19. My work primarily involves moving image, digital design and typography, always with a strong consideration of concept. I have had a successful and enjoyable three years at university and have felt constantly motivated by the work and people around me. I am excited to

begin a career in the design industry having recently secured a job as a Junior Graphic designer at a Bristol based agency. I hope to have a long-lasting, exciting and challenging career in the industry and enjoy what I do everyday.

The Hand You Were Dealt

A card game exploring the idea of privilege and the saying "the hand you are dealt". Each card contains a reason why an individual may be/feel privileged and the players are then invited to debate who is the most privileged and why, based on "the hand they are dealt".

The Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 is something that has affected everyone in different ways. My project work explores the direct impact of this on living cost and this video, in particular, explores the effect of the coronavirus outbreak on employment and work and how this consequently effects people's lives.

The Reduction Revolution

'The Reduction Revolution' is a political campaign to reduce the cost of living. Based around a series of 'we demand' statements asking for changes to things such as the cost of housing, utilities, food costs and austerity policies, the Reduction Revolution gives a voice to everyone affected by living cost.

Nomen Nescio - On 20th June, 2018, UNITED released a list of the 34,361 people who have lost their lives when trying to migrate around Europe between 1993 and 2019. I used this list to create a website which shows people the amount of deaths in my lifetime (from 1998-2019).

Future CEOs (End of Year Publication Website)

I was selected to create the website for the End of Year BA (Hons) Graphic Design publication. Based around a narrative of the climate crisis in 2050, the Future C.E.Os (Climate Evolution Optimists), change the discourse around the climate crisis and imagine life after the effects of climate change.

Collaborators: Rachel Bonner (Editorial and Layout Designer), Daniel Schenck (Editorial and Layout Designer), Marta Celio (Editorial and Layout Designer), Emilia Bermejo-Ford (Visual Identity & Content Advisor), Leah Williams (Producer and Social Media Manager), Samuel Boik (Events Management & Ethnographer)

The Shoes on Your Feet

'The Shoes On Your Feet' is a photo based publication which explores the relationship between people's shoes and privilege. This publication asks the reader to debate how privileged a person might be based on the "shoes on their feet".