Sam Foot

I am a Cardiff based multi-disciplinary designer, with a strong interest and passion for in social and political change through editorial design and typographic outcomes. My portfolio consists of a wide range of print-based designs, illustration and motion design.

My work often plays with experimental design elements, playing with perceived notions and exploring thought provoking issues with the attempt to change mindsets through the use of engaging metaphors. In this way is hope that my work is able to shed light on the current social and political climate, whilst both challenging and engaging with existing beliefs. As well as providing

a fun, and often tongue in check, gateway itself for individuals to engage in politics and question their political and social surroundings.

My portfolio demonstrates my design ability and illustrates my own confidence as a designer. I always strive to improve my design, through both self-directed and client led briefs.

Stop the Spread

Hand embroidered onto a mask, 'Stop the Spread' is a visual tie between the spread of misinformation and the Coronavirus. Partnered with a reading, muffled through the mask, the speech is intended to represent the distortion of truth.


#Torylies is a fast-turnaround poster series created in a way to provide a template to allow for future versions to be rolled out at ease. On the left is the misinformation, obscured by the Conservative logo, alongside the reality on the right.

PDF - click image to view

The Misinformant

A playful take on a traditional format, 'The Misinformant' allows the reader an insight into the amount of misinformation they have been absorbing. A continuation from the '#Torylies' poster series, this publication aims to delve deeper into these issues to bring awareness to the mis-truths told by our current government.

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Pop Art Series

Looking at various news stories, circulating across the globe, during the Coronavirus lock-down, this series of posters takes a humorous look into some of the more ridiculous reports of misinformation being circulated.

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Currently designed for display use only as it is in its development stage; Corrupt is a conceptual typeface exploring, through symbolism, the various ways in which Trump's America has exposed itself as being corrupted through his politics and beliefs. 'Corrupt' is a playful, political experiment.