Samuel Boik

Throughout my Graphic Design education I have gained experiences and a strong understanding of design. I enjoy making my work informative and educational so that my audiences leave with new knowledge. I like to find stories and experiences so these can be passed on through the work I make. I do this by creating 3D and interactive design, enticing people to become part of the work I make, then I am able to make this digitally so more people can enjoy the experiences. From the work I create I like creating an identity for the brief which brings the

project altogether, I feel this is the main element to a successful project and something I show within my work. As this is my style of working, this is something I continue to work on and develop as an individual to become better as a designer.

Construction for Survival

A way of surviving in a hostile environment with these tips and tricks, giving advice on ways to survive in the wild. Following a construction class I held to teach and show how to construct shelters, with my knowledge and assistance.

Geodesic Construction

Following in the footsteps of Richard Buckminster and his Geodesic Domes, I created a way to teach others how to construct these domes. With a remote construction class, I held online and then created a video and publication which will guide you through the process of building a dome.

Women in Construction

A project tackling the issues of the stereotypes within the construction industry and it being so male-dominated. I created an identity for the women in construction who have shared their stories with me and I created a logo so they are able to leave their mark.

Covid-Construction Typeface

I set up a task for people to do from their homes. Using construction to build a letter in 3 different ways. Which I then used this imagery to create a typeface. A typeface which shows there is a community even if we can be together during this global pandemic.


The end of year publication investigates the thoughts, hopes, wishes and fears of what life might be like here in Bristol, in 2050, using current climate projections as a starting resource. As I was part of the team it gave me an opportunity to work collaboratively in a team.