Samuel L. Thomas

I enjoy designing most when I can tell a story. I love to creating art with narrative and giving it a human feel. My passion is creating graphic design for film and the approach I take is methodical and experimental, resulting in playful and thoughtful outcomes that stem from my cultural and artistic experiences. I’m a self-driven designer, who flourishes both during independent work and in collaborative environments. I have a love of fine art and illustration, and continue to explore stop motion animation and photography, all of which I incorporate into the graphics I produce. I have a

strong work ethic and create designs with highly developed artistic direction. One word that has appeared in every school report and university feedback that I’ve ever received is “conscientious”. I take my work seriously, and I care about the outcome.

Eliza's Ephemera

A collection of graphic props in the form of sentimental ephemera based around the character of Eliza Doolittle from the play Pygmalion / film My Fair Lady. Set in 1917, the chocolate box and its contents are things Eliza might have kept from the last few years of her life.

Amelia - A Story Told With Graphic Props

A short film depicting a collection of graphic props owned by “Amelia” who lives with her new husband “Tristan” in their small London flat in 1954. After a long, internal struggle she chooses to leave her unsupportive husband to pursue her dream job working in fashion in Paris.

PDF - click image to view

Tangible Time

This book contains 54 ephemeral items and the personal stories behind each one. This is a unique look into the emotional attachment people have to seemingly insignificant items that might mean little to most people but are loved and treasured by the owner. Download pdf & view as two pages.

Letterpress Playbill

During the 1800’s, playbills were the main form of advertising public entertainment. This letterpress playbill is designed to mimic the 1840s style, using a modern satirical comedy about the bard himself, William Shakespeare as inspiration for the content.

White Card Maquette of Amelia's 1954 London Flat

This is a white card model of a fictional 1950s London flat. This film set maquette was a precursor to the ‘Amelia’ project, to give an idea of the space and layout where my graphic props might appear on screen, before I began designing them.

21 Gifs To Say Goodbye

This video aims to express how goodbyes can be varied and emotional. Turning 21 in April, saying goodbye to being a child, finishing university and full-time education, I was feeling loss and sadness. Making 21 gifs to entertain and bring joy helped me in personally saying goodbye to the past.