Tehsya Huangfin

In the world of design, I have advantages in making installations, packaging, and concepts. I am an enthusiastic person and want to try new things. I'm know for my strengths in analytical thinking and high problem solving skills during my college. I'm a detailed person, a person with great time-management and very responsible individual. I'm also personally capable of working well in groups and able to work hard in them.

Barnum - Branding project for bar in South Jakarta.

Home of the freaks This bar which also brunch has a circus theme freak show in the 80’s.Use this theme to attract theattention of South Jakarta teenagers as the target marketwith a quirky style that likes unique places. Red and yellowgive a sense of fun and pleasure. adjusting the brief

Personal Branding

It’s all about imagination. Just like humans in general, I like to fantasize, trapped in my own mind, floating in space. But I’m different from others, when they feel that their imagination is just that, I try to make it happen.I like making something innovative and interactive that sometimes is