Valeria Labruna

Driven by the desire to explore, I left my country 4 years ago, just after the end of my high school studies. For the first year, I have been progressing in a range of different jobs, meeting people from all around the world. At the time I did not speak any English and pushing myself to work in situations where communication is fundamental led me to improve my language skills as well as my adaptability, self-motivation, and self-awareness. Then I decided to study the language (independently) and take the IELTS exam, so I could start a study path in

Bristol. Throughout my education, I have had a love of innovative ideas. Thanks to my study practices, I understood that the content and social relevance is fundamental for my design, I want my designs to matter in a word where everything is more and more careless.

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Concerning us - Publication

A collection of stories taken by the interviews and reports made by Francesca Mannocchi (a professional journalist who has covered wars and the migration crisis around the world). The publication´s title is “Concern us”

Paris Project: Double Interview

A double interview made to a tourist and a foreigner living in Paris. Plus, a supportive video investigation about the use of languages.

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Collection of mini-books

Stories of different people related to travel, so, migration. All the stories are about people whom Lucy (the person who provided me all these stories) met during her travel in Australia.

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Series of postcards

A collection of portraits (on one side) and pieces of information (on the other side) about different cultures.


Exploring the perception of space surrounding us.