El Liu

I am El Liu, 24-year-old graphic designer and illustrator from Malaysia. I focus on publication, branding, including logo and packaging design. I also have an interest in videography and video editing as well. In the future, I wish to gain more experience in creating better design and to have a design studio of my own.

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'What are you waiting for?'

This is a publication about ‘Anticipation’ which talks about a ‘waiting process’. In this book, it includes my own personal thoughts on this ‘waiting process’(and act now) with some supporting secondary research online. It also includes the photos taken with the pinhole camera. That is where the whole concept of ‘waiting’ came from.

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Photography Story - 'Dad'

A story-telling book based on my family history. The story is about this boy(my father) who was actually interested in computer science when he was young but was asked to take over the family business that he never thought he would.

Time Capsule (3D Object)

Time capsule doesn't have to be a container storing tons of objects. Instead, it can be an interesting object that showcases memories from time to time. Photos are the best replacement of the time capsule. It helps capture moments and preserve memories.

The Gather BBQ Steamboat Logo

This logo design is based on the characteristics of the restaurant itself. The restaurant has a unique pot so it becomes one of the elements for the logo. The logos also includes elements such as the chopsticks on both sides of the pot and the heart-shaped fire under the pot.

Hong Kong Color Photo Centre Branding

The concept of this logo and identity is bonding. The bonding of family members and friends. The concept is to capture unforgettable moments by making someone's existence as precious as ours.

Room Size Pinhole Camera

Since we don't know how an image is formed, this experiment is taken using simple materials to see how an image from outside of the pinhole camera is formed on the inside.