Yoga Oktavian

My name is Yoga Oktavian I was born in march 7th 1999 in Jakarta. My parents come from two different countries, my dad is a Taiwanese and work as a civil contractor in Indonesia, and my mom uses to be his assistant but now is a housewife. I am able to speak more than three different languages which are Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Sundanese and English. I am taking graphic design as my major of university now, and trying to get work experience outside the campus. I tried to work at my dad’s company as a construction inspector, what I

am doing is documenting the work performance, and maintaining the record of the building process. Besides that, I also had experience in handling a company’s design project to support their marketing. My personal design style is minimalism and tidy look. I also like to do art and craft and building things.


SWITCH-OFF, is a game card that supports people to stop playing their gadget and socialise with others by playing game card together.

Personal Branding

Personal branding using Chinese heritage as a concept. As I am Chinese so I take this concept to show more my background into the design.

Bristol Map

Illustrating the Bristol Map to show famous places around our location

Collaborators: Nicholetta Riyanto (designer)