Abigail Smith

-I like to make things and make people think-

My illustrations are idea-based, as I will research a topic and use that to choose my materials and details. Often, I work metaphorically and like to make my audience look further into my illustration, commenting on an environmental or social issue. I am especially interested in combining my love of mechanical art, installation and puppetry.

For my next steps, I am excited to get stuck in and continue developing my practice. I am interested in working as a model maker in a studio as well as continue tackling live briefs

with my unique visual language.

I would love for you to check out my website where more of my work can be found alongside more information about my process.

'Hear Me' puppet, Aardman Academy

A puppet designed for my FYP and made at Aardman Academy's Sketch to Screen Course. The puppet has interchangeable faces and spikes and an LED light in his stomach that can change colour and brightness by remote control.

'Hear Me' Narrative

This is a narrative I made exploring the theme of mental health. My character represents inner thoughts and how simply acknowledging it can have a massive difference in your mental health.

Sample Pages from 'Hear Me' Narrative

I used multiple 3D sets and explored the use of composition and the development of colour throughout the narrative.

Who's it for?

As part of a project exploring animal exploitation, I created this mechanical carousel with racehorses. Their tumbling motion and movement of the carousel explore how so many racehorses suffer for human entertainment.

Elephant Tourism

Performing elephants feels as if a topic of the past, yet modern-day elephant tours are still common. This puppet is covered in plaster, which crumbles as the puppet moves, representing the horrible injuries they often suffer. This piece was too part of the animal exploitation project. (mock-up advertisements)

James Morris - The Elastic Man

James Morris performed as 'The Elastic Man' in PT Barnum's circus. In this project, I looked at how these performers were exploited for their disability and how this affected their lives. For example, James was an alcoholic, and performing caused lifelong scars but fianced his drinking. (exhibition proposal)