Andrea McCarthy

As an Illustrator, analogue drawing is essential to my work. Often I use them to inform digital illustrations, but recently I have been working to create consistency across my work. I want to develop a style that is not only influenced by my sketchbook drawing but incorporates the textured quality of that hand-drawn work too.

In January, I will be returning to UWE Bristol to study an MA in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking to further develop my skills in printmaking, both in traditional and newer, advancing practices. Until I return to Bristol, I want to continue working with clients as a freelance

illustrator and designer, and invest time in personal projects as well.

Accurate depictions of Smeaton's Tower and the daily life of the Lighthouse Keepers.

A Day in the Light of Smeaton's Tower

A blueprint-style layout of Smeaton's Tower that reveals it's 18th century history. It is made up of cross-sections of the Lighthouse as well as accurate depictions of how the lighthouse keepers would have lived.


Designed for the UWE Illustration Tobacco Factory Exhibition on the theme 'Below Sea Level'.