Anis Faizal

I'm a hands-on illustrator with a graphic design background, and my artworks are interpretations of the daily hurry and scurry of Southeast-Asia. I reflect the stories of my countrymen and create a narrative for the happy little nuggets in life. I hope to share a part of what it's like in my culture in the form of quirky drawings and cats.

Mau's Street Food

When talking about Southeast-Asia or more specifically Malaysia, food is indeed the centre of attraction. Whether it is night or day, food vendors that line the streets become the place of comfort to locals and visitors alike.

Bunny Sibs

Hidden within a family's backyard lived two siblings. The adventurous older brother who ventures into the garden, and the timid little sister who is the voice of reason. Together they embark on adventures to understand the humans living above them.

The Alley

Shophouses within Penang and Singapore is a place where time seems to stop. Old shophouses lining the cramped streets provide the necessities to locals and tourists alike.

Morning shuffle

Early in the morning, local family-owned bakeries prepare. Family members bumping into each other within the tight quarters to fulfil the daily bake goods.

Pie pals

Mother used to say we were like little rowdy elves in the kitchen when she bakes—a flurry of hands picking at the sliced fruits and dough. The cutoff point was when dad joined in on the snacking. We were all chased out of the kitchen.

Fishi Business

Packed like fishes, the lot of them. Going different directions but together for the journey. Stinky, sweaty and awkwardly standing close with one another. If the subway is the tin, then are we the fish? Its feels almost like we are all a canned tin of fish.​​​​​​​