Annie Wright

I am an illustrator who creates bold and graphic illustrations, using a combination of bright colours and striking compositions. My work is ideas-based and takes inspiration from my love of sports, being outdoors and the natural world, tackling a variety of briefs, such as poster campaigns, book jackets and editorial illustrations. My digital process makes me an adaptable illustrator and my resulting illustrations diverse and exciting.

Le Mans

Winning entry to 'Les 24 Heures du Mans s’affichent' Poster Competition 2020. One of 23 posters selected to be displayed at Le Mans race in an exhibition held over the course of the weekend.

Tour De France

A poster based on the worlds most famous road cycling race, the Tour De France, for Yellow Club Cycling.

Guardian and Observer appeal for trees

Speculative editorial for The Guardian and The Observer based on their article about an appeal for money to plant trees in cities across the UK.

Take the Plunge, Swim for Sanity

Swim for Sanity Poster Campaign for Creative Conscience Awards 2020. A poster campaign designed to promote open water swimming and encourage people to take up the sport due to the positive effects it can have on mental and physical wellbeing.

The Yellow Jersey

A commissioned piece from a series of illustrations inspired by the three disciplines involved in a triathlon race: swimming, cycling and running.

Bristol Short Story Prize

My entry to design the cover for the Bristol Shorty Story Prize anthology 2020. The anthology is comprised of 20 short stories from international writers.