Beth Suzanna

I'm Beth Suzanna, an illustrator and designer with a love of bold colour and shape. My work is positive and uplifting with a hands-on, tactile approach to both the research and making process. I use graphic composition and negative space to capture the viewers' attention and engage them about issues I'm passionate about.

My use of analogue collage and shape makes societal issues easy to digest in a playful manner. I am an advocate for diverse representation, challenging taboos and stereotypes. My work comes from a place of genuine interest, experience and care, creating honest representations that elevate voices.

Overcoming Inequality

A self-directed campaign focusing on women coming together and the extraordinary communities around the world overcoming inequality, showcasing these inspiring stories with a series of vibrant, celebratory illustrations.

Taking Control D&AD Teen Vogue X The Case for Her

Taking control of pleasure and the narratives around sexual health, stripping sex education back to the positives. Despite taboos and myths, pleasure has no gender. "We're all in control of our own bodies". Consent and communication are the keys to shifting the way we view sexual health without judgement.

Market Locations

Location and reportage drawings of the vibrant every day.

Search for the Signs

Encouraging a younger audience to self examine their breasts for signs of breast cancer. Looking at how this can be conveyed in a playful light that takes the fear out of the topic and creating a sense of normality. Making sure we all get to know our breast tissue.