Georgia Pritchard

I am a UK based artist from Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, graduating with a degree in Illustration. Throughout my course, I experimented with a range of processes, from lino printing to digital drawing. However, handmade collage is my main focus since completing my final project. Collage allows me to add fine realistic detail by overlaying and shaping patterns, found through rigorous searches from magazines and leaflets. Paper has a tactile quality and is readily accessible and inexpensive, making it an excellent medium. Collage is a playful method that allows me to recreate realistic scenes. I have a particular focus on architecture,

from old buildings to modern structures. I particularly love the busy, vibrant atmosphere of individual cities and the unique personality and quirks of each.

Paris In Pattern

A handmade collage of a colourful high street in Paris.

Trafalgar Square

A handmade collage at the corner of Trafalgar Square.


A handmade collage of the colourful Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam.

Widemarsh Street, Hereford

A handmade collage of the view over Hereford's high street.

One Blackfriars

A handmade collage, digitally edited with newspaper clippings, of London skyline.

Rue Danté

A handmade collage of Rue Danté, Paris.