Ng Gin Dian


For my illustrations, I am more towards presenting rich and vibrant visual narratives with poetic meaning and emotions, allowing the audience to interpret them in their own ways.

With multiple storyboard project experiences, I am capable of quickly envisioning and translating scripts into visual, with a keen eye and deep interest in the various aspects of filmography.

In concept design, I am readily trained with solid design foundation skills to convey ideas effectively, focusing on generating conceptual ideas and visual designs for characters, environment, etc.

Achievements & Experience

- Freelance Illustrator (2017 - present)
- Freelance Storyboard Artist (2019 - present)

Featured Projects:

IP characters illustration character design

The Search for Happiness: An IP Collection

Based on real people and events, these 12 original characters are designed in a whimsical / children's book / fairy-tale style, with bright colours and Scandinavian-inspired motifs.

the search for happiness the girl in the red raincoat picture book illustration

The Search for Happiness: A Picture Book

Based on the set of IP characters I created, I proceeded to expand the world setting to tell a story of bonding, facing choices and learning how to let things go.

the girl in the red raincoat ceramic toy puppet toy-making

The Girl in The Red Raincoat: Ceramic Toy

I ventured into toy-making and this is the first demo proudly produced.

lazy fashion doodle illustration series

颓 · 尚 Lazy Fashion

A series of referenced doodles to practice the way I work with colours.