Grace Spalding

I am an Illustrator and Storyteller from the Cotswolds. I create playful, colourful and vibrant illustrations. Having grown up in the countryside, I have a love of nature; the textures, patterns and colours are becoming a main focus within my work, but with dream-like surreal twists. I like to experiment with different media; traditional and digital techniques as well as collaborating with likeminded individuals.

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A selection of pages from my first picture book. Hope loves bees, but when they don't return from winter hibernation she wishes with all her might that she could do something about it...


Animated character from my picture book, 'Flourish'.


Mug-O-Mat operates like any other photo booth. However, instead of getting your photograph taken, an original portrait is drawn by an artist. Check out our Instagram:

Collaborators: Eleanor Wilkinson

Wildflower Garden

Spot illustration for a Buttercup online learning course.