Iman Alya Kamaru'l Taufek

I'm a young aspiring artist hailing from Malaysia, aiming to achieve my spot in the creative industry. My specialities are in both concept art, and character/environment illustration and my end goal are to bring my IPs (intellectual properties) to life in the form of game/show franchises.

With most of my personal work, I aim to make it have a whimsical feel as I am a fantasy fanatic. Some of my main inspirations for my art journey have been video games and storybook fairy-tales as they are a huge contribution towards my upbringing. I have a liking to drawing characters and

world/story building, and plan to expand my IPs as I progress throughout my career.


The main character of the story: Faith is a young human girl who was mysteriously thrust into a different world and is trying to find her way back home to her world.


The secondary character of the story: Damis is a young prince and the eldest born of the Artamir line that rules the prosperous country called Helain. He is elegant, charming and a total heartthrob amongst many young girls.

Dlope the Tahagi

Damis’ personal mount: Dlope is a creature called a tahagi, a feline-like creature with wings.

The City

A piece showcasing the environment of my story.


A character moment in the story where Faith and Damis stargaze.


A character moment where Faith teaches her new friend about her homeworld.