Jack Skinner

I am a Bristol-based artist who uses a diverse range of materials and media working with a combination of traditional and digital processes. I like to produce work which focuses on asking questions about the natural world and how we experience it in order to open a discussion, often with the sense of naive curiosity. I get my inspiration mostly from books, YouTube articles and my own train of thought. My main subjects include science, philosophy, history and things related to the fascinating hidden patterns of everyday life and different ways to represent this using composition, space and colour.

My ambition is to continue to expand my practice and media presence and explore further my artistic interests through challenging myself.

Lockdown Jam Session

This is a piece about learning to appreciate the emotions music makes you experience and the personal escape it made me feel during the Coronavirus lockdown. This piece uses perspective and both two dimensions and three dimensions to explore the effects that music has on the listener.

Lockdown Chess

This piece explores what is happening around a mundane game of chess when stuck indoors and how the mind drifts and wanders when partially focused, and is a response to the senses and states of emotion one experiences during something even as trivial as chess in the morning.

Thinhs To Do in Lockdown Pet Your Cat

This piece explores the sense of boredom and the mundanities of everyday life during the lockdown. With its main focus on the behaviour and movement a cat makes with you pet it, this piece is about appreciating small and perhaps insignificant but beautiful details in the world.

Things To Do In Lockdown Cook

This piece explores the sometimes disastrous but cherished results of trying to learn new skills during the lockdown, in this case: cooking.

Guilty Pleasures

This piece is from another earlier project to do with guilty pleasures. I collected answers from Reddit about bathroom-related questions about weird and quirky behaviours people have alone. This piece is a single panel narrative exploring those hidden enjoyments.