Joe Davis


I am an artist currently based in Bristol, UK. I predominantly work through digital and performance mediums. My stage name is Jessica Jungle, and I have been performing as her since 2018. I organise a monthly cabaret show, Slaughterhaus Bristol, alongside 5 other local performers. Slaughterhaus showcases the underground, punk, and queer aspect of drag which is essential as drag becomes evermore mainstream.

Slaughterhaus has rapidly become a staple of the Bristol nightlife scene and is known amongst queer people across the country. Being Jessica Jungle has allowed me to express myself in a way I would never have been able to otherwise.

During my final year I have explored the correlation between the art of Drag and the process of beauty pageants, exploring the veneer of perfection both practices allow the participants to curate and present.

Achievements & Experience

BA(Hons) Illustration, UWE Bristol 2020
Level 4 Foundation Diploma Art & Design, UAL
Voted one of Bristol's Top Drag performers
Slaughterhaus is one of Bristol's most successful LGBTQ+ nights

Featured Projects:

Mommy's Little Hobby

Instagram filter about the pressure parents put on their children in beauty pageants. Produced as part of Joe Davis' live streamed Drag Show 'Little Miss Quarantine 2020'


Digital illustration of Bristol Drag performer and Slaughterhaus Bristol member Roach

Dee Ryder

Logo design and digital illustration of Bristol Drag performer and Slaughterhaus Bristol member Dee Ryder

Digital portrait of Bristol Drag performer Sneeze


Digital illustration of Bristol Drag performer Sneeze



Digital character concept art for Ardel, the Sea Elf

Digital character concept art