Jon Proctor (hiimjon)


My work is heavily influenced by the ways in which different cultures explain nature in the absence of science. Looking mainly into human desires and their connection to the natural world

I draw influence from a multitude of texts; verbal stories, written histories, ancient mythologies, religious passages and translate them into prints, depicting them in my own style.

I choose to reimagine these stories as they are often not written or heard of in the twenty-first century. I find it interesting that before scientific enlightenment, what was known as science could not be explained and therefore was justified by magic or gods. Regardless of how they perceived their truth, or how the stories differ, it was their understanding of nature that constructed their culture and led them in their time.

It is these ideas which I wish to portray in my prints, translating the natural 'science' of the past into the present.

Achievements & Experience

I'm proud to have completed my BA(Hons) Illustration degree with a 2:1. I have been accepted onto the MA in multi-disciplinary printmaking at UWE, which will be starting in January.
I have been fortunate enough to participate in a few Illustration fairs that include the Art-hole illustration fair based in Cardiff as well as the online Nowhere illustration fair during the COVID-19 lockdown. I am currently involved in the Art Gallery SW Exhibition Charity Fundraiser where I will be selling prints online through their website with a percentage of the commission sales going to the Children's Hospice South West.
I have also been commissioned by Dr Humphries PhD to assist in his doctoral work on community engagement.
I have been commissioned to design tickets for a local pantomime reoccurring annually.


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Featured Projects:


A single colour silk screen print that features the symbolic iconography based on the Greek goddess Hera.


A single colour silkscreen print that features the symbolic iconography based on the Greek god Poseidon.


A single colour silkscreen print that features the symbolic iconography based on the Greek myth of Icarus.

Changing of the Seasons

This collection is a five-page narrative based on the Greek legend of Demeter and the seasons.

Creation of the New World and the First Men

A nine-page narrative depicting the Haida creation story. The deity Raven steals the elements and places them around the Earth creating a place for life to flourish. He then coaxes man out of a clamshell and helps integrate them into the new world.

Chinese Cosmogonic Creation Myth

A narrative based on the Chinese creation myth. It begins with the cosmic egg that hatches creating the world. As the god, Pan Gu pulls the Earth and sky apart until his last breath. After his death, his body becomes the elements of the Earth.