Julian Gower

I'm a multidisciplinary Graphic Artist who works in a variety of media and styles. Growing up around art and design has given me not only a keen eye for graphic solutions, but also good professional practice and the capacity for generating editorial concepts.

I believe that I have a versatile and striking approach which has already earned me commissions on a wide variety of projects.

'When the mix is good'

T-shirt design for South West based events company.

'Death or Survival'

Illustrated map depicting the journey to Europe, taken by Dara, Naleen, Lamar and Pulat. A family of Syrian refugees.

'Commons Sense'

My Editorial response to the Brexit Referendum.


An illustration I created for a collaborative project based on scent marking and fox hunting.

'Brain Bubble'

Editorial image created in response to an article on the BBC, titled 'Languages affected differently by brain disease'.

'Turn me on'

Image created in response to an article titled: 'Unhappy with your love life? It's time to locate your sex accelerator', The Guardian (Flo Perry, 11th January 2020).