Kate Parker

I love the far away spellbound feeling that comes with reading a book or watching a film, and I love it, even more, when I feel that through an illustration. With these sensations in mind, I aim to create a sense of escapism in my drawings so they can become a moment of refuge and comfort. I try to keep my work light-hearted and whimsical; even when commenting on real-world issues, I would never choose too weighty a subject.
I tend to work fairly traditionally, whether it be in pencils and paint or digitally, and take joy in writing

and illustrating my own books and stories. Anything with an element of the imaginary will grab my attention, and I strive to convey that sense of magic within my art.

Vintage Book Fairies

As part of a personal project I began during quarantine, I have illustrated some examples of what I would rather be doing, with a fantastical twist to suit my escapist tendencies.

Uncharted Possibilities

This project centres around an "author" travelling to alternative universes, documenting the lives the citizens of these different worlds lead. This particular piece focuses on a world where humans have fully adapted to living underwater.

Uncharted Possibilities

Following through the book, the author explores a world without stars, but where the inhabitants of this world are aware they once existed, and are curious about what they meant.

A Rose Tinted Tragedy

In my book titled "A Rose Tinted Tragedy", I explored how romance can often overshadow pain through a series of tragic, historical love stories, drawn exclusively in shades of red and pink.

The Lady of The Lake

Created for an exhibition exploring the theme "Underwater", I illustrated the Lady of The Lake from Arthurian mythology.

Anne of Green Gables

A mockup front cover for "Anne of Green Gables", by L.M. Montgomery.