Kells Hayward

I am very passionate and driven when it comes to my work. My personal projects mainly surround issues such as the environmental crisis with the aim to inspire positive change to the planet. This usually renders in the form of digital artwork, animations and gifs. I have worked with a wide range of clients, ensuring each one is extremely pleased with the outcome which is tailored to their satisfaction.


This work is based on the rising, homes invented in the Netherlands. These houses rise in the sea level to prevent flooding.


This work is based on the Gaia theory that the earth acts similarly to a living organism due to the respiratory systems of the animals that occupy it. The renewable sources are there to recharge and save our planet.


The current global crisis at hand almost feels like hurtling towards a cliff with no breaks.


Ecosystems have an amazing way of recovering after a man-made disaster. A forest can recover 80 years after a forest fire.


This was for a self-driven editorial project based on a guardian article about climate change denial. In a survey carried out in America with a sample group of 7,000 participants, they found that as low as 50% of Americans thought climate change was due to man-made causes.


Scientists say that artificial barriers built under the ice caps can prevent hot air rising to slow the rate of melting.