Liv Rose Whitfield

My work is centred around people; from appreciating little moments to the challenges faced in everyday life. Themes include mental well-being, the mindfulness of being outdoors, plastic pollution and normalising 'taboo' subjects such as breastfeeding in public.

As an illustrator, I'm a big believer in celebrating the individuality of people, using artwork to educate others in an approachable and whimsical way. People wear glasses, people use wheelchairs, people have body hair, people have piercings, people have birthmarks – the list is endless, and all of these things are part of what makes us human. These differences should not only

be represented but also celebrated.

I've always envisioned a career that used artwork to establish communication. I hope that addressing issues in my work opens up a dialogue, encouraging people to have the uncomfortable conversations that help us learn and grow as individuals.

Hugs To Be Had

Inspired by the 'new normal' of social distancing and being unable to hug loved ones.

Dinner With Friends

A visual response to an article surrounding community and relationships through food.

Christie and Lauralee

A commissioned personal print for a client.

Berry Picking

Entry for 'They Draw and Cook: Summer Berries' competition.

Let's Have A Picnic

Entry for the 'Hand Picked Design Challenge' competition.

Escape The Yellow Peril

A spread from my project 'Delish' - a book based around nostalgic food memories growing up in Yorkshire.