Tom Giwi


I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist. I aim to bring to life unique concepts and visuals that spark the imagination. I draw inspiration from a broad range of disciplines, and my work combines abstract visuals, surreal concepts and unique graphic design. Alongside personal work and commissioned pieces, I have been developing The Galen Project. A notional company that develops fictitious devices that alter the human body. My artistic route stemmed from a passion for illustration, however during my time studying the subject at UWE I found that this area served as both a primary area of expertise and a source for inspiration for projects in different disciplines. My current focus is has taken a turn towards motion graphics, incorporating movement into my graphic posters approach. My work also expands into typography, print clothing and imaginary prosthetic design.

Achievements & Experience

1st Class Honours Degree - Illustration

Distinction - Art and Design Foundation Diploma

Featured Projects:


A series of portals and archways.


A series of portals and archways.

Portal Machine

A series of portals and archways.


Digital Experiment/Print Design


Digital Experiment/Print Design

Music Visualiser

Visualiser commision for 'thomas'.