Xim Martínez Barceló

I am a Mallorcan Illustrator based in Bristol. I have a Philosophy degree from the University of Barcelona (2016), and I am currently finishing my degree in Illustration at UWE.

My work focuses on the study of the human condition through artistic experimentation, always looking and trying to learn from the masters of the past. I understand artistic creation as a handcraft, for which I use a variety of processes that go from traditional techniques such as watercolour or ink drawing to digital painting.

Angry Woman

Drawing I did for a narrative project about older people. This a study for a character of that narrative.

Bathroom Nude- Fragile

Illustration for a University project about older people. Here I wanted to show how the passage of time crystallizes on the skin and understand the body as a canvas of the past experiences of a person.

Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology

Entry I presented to the Bristol Short Story Prize cover competition.


It is sad to see someone get wasted: seeing his flesh leak like hot wax.

Page 4

Page four of a short story I drew for a University project.

Old Nany Portrait

Illustration for a University project about Old people.