Amelia Faye Vanstone

Design and nature have fascinated me for as long as I can remember, this life-long fascination has since driven my passion for invention and interiors. Natural form is my inspiration with a drive to create organic structures that utilise and enhance space.

I am an optimistic and enthusiastic learner with a reliable work ethic and a positive personality. I describe myself as a determined perfectionist with great attention to detail and unique reform ideas. I love learning and developing my skills so I can broaden my opportunities and experiences in all aspects of work. I aim for photo

realistic visualizations, allowing the client to gain a detailed understanding of the space.

With unique ideas and a passionate viewpoint, I can display my personality through my work. By working in a methodical manner, I eliminate mistakes and time wasting. Overall, I am an extremely passionate designer who strives to make change.

Health and wellbeing center

A unique environment for the people of Bristol. Consisting of a vertical farm providing produce to the café and 0 waste store, as well as a core fitness floor focusing on calisthenics and mindfulness. With a seminar space and roof-terrace garden for individuals to learn and connect to the outdoors.

Limbless Pavilion

This Vietnamese snake inspired pavilion is a modular structure designed to weave in and out of natural areas without effecting the landscape. Each panel consists of a variation of colored glass panels that can be altered. The results is a protected environment that allows connected to the outdoors.

Biophilic workspace

Workspace looking at specific plant placement to utilize their potential at the highest possible level. An open plan naturally inspired design with a verity of materials and levels to mimic nature. Complete with natural lighting and soft furnishings the design is a warm inviting space for individuals to feel inspired.

Sustainable design and practice

The environment protection agency estimate only 6.5%of LDPE plastic is recycled. The synthetic cork chair is created from a brand-new process created by me using heat and pressure alone. With extraordinary properties being light weight, scratch proof, flexible and strong. The chair tackles one of the biggest global waste issues.

Studio Space

Inspired by Le Corbusier’s Domino House, a studio for artist Adam Fuss. A three-story build, nestled in-between the trees, consisting of an open studio with mezzanine lounge. With the bedroom located at the top, including balcony access, providing beautiful views of its surroundings.

Store design

Urbanista headphone store - Inspired by urban areas, I wanted to capture the sense of constant movement within city life. I achieved this by working with long exposure photography at night to capture the life. Headphones are hung over glowing acrylic rods, representing the light streaks left by moving objects.