Bailey OMalley

A twenty four year old spatial designer. Australian born and native; currently working as an Interior Design, Prop and Styling Assistant. My recent projects speak to a neglected area in design; designing for vulnerable and approaching space with a dignity for all people in society. Social issues take forefront in the development of my ideas and sustainability has underlined every brief I've undertaken since my Foundation in Architecture. UWE's Interior Design program introduced me to a range of different ways to communicate abstract ideas visually, leading me to becoming deeply interested in graphics and digital illustration. As well, I've

learnt to manipulate mood and emotion through space, with a particular interest in creative direction and set design.

Sentient House

A permanent solution to Bristol's homelessness. Based on the structure of Finland's Housing First concept. It provides nurturing homes, support systems, on site counselling and art therapy studios.


Drawing inspiration from places of worships as spaces that are known for their ability to bring people of different backgrounds but common interests working together. These places have impact in contemplation, insight, comfort, focus and inspiration resulting in the formation of meaningful ideas.

Domino House

A dwelling and studio space for British born but highly Japanese influenced artist Rebecca Salter. The space was inspired by the age-old Japanese technique of Ma, or better explained in the West as negative space. Based in the Narroways in Bristol, using clean lines, varied textures, light and shadow.

Partisan Tile

A piece exploring the wealth gap in the U.K., it's prevalence in the world of design and how I've manifested that as a physical product for interiors. Designed during and following the 2019 election.

Stella McCartney Concept Store

A sensory deprivation experience, with bespoke eco-tiles, designed for Stella McCartney. Re-imagining the shopping experience as a time of calm and focus, to help with attention to the important details.