Elysse Matthias

I strive for design with meaning and functionality. Functionality should be seen to go hand-in-hand in design with artistry. The improvement of the surroundings we put ourselves in improves us too. Design with a meaning or a cause is important to me, this is reflected in most of my projects. If design can be functional and educate or inform you at the same time, then I feel the correct standards have been met. I offer a person-centric mindset and like to design based on my research into the historical, cultural, societal or political implications of the site and surroundings.


Memento is a memorial light designed for the bereaved to remember their loved ones. It is a modern take on traditional and cultural memorial practices, heavily inspired by the Victorian era.

Hostile Provocations

Hostile Provocations is an outdoor sculpture designed to raise awareness about the hostility the homeless face from the community and the built environment. This project explores the compassion during turmoil in WW2 and aims to bring that back.

Inclusive Workspace

This office space was designed to be a mentally positive environment, and to be inclusive of all disabilities, religions and genders. Included is a prayer room that doubles as a quiet working space, as well as animals and greenery in the office to improve happiness and therefore improve productivity.