Mari Parts

My creativity and natural curiosity drive my work to produce substantial, effective and striking designs while considering the physical environment and social sensitivity.
I have developed and built my portfolio in order to showcase my skills, with a strong commitment to pursuing a career in this field. I have cultivated my skills in residential, retail and office design through various projects over the past three years.
A strong concept is necessary for giving the designer a clear direction and framework. Possessing this ensures a connection of all the elements, thus giving any design a powerful narrative. It is imperative

to trust the process. My strengths lie in my capacity to understand and create precise design concepts, with innovative creativity, as well as realising the importance of the atmosphere as a primary link to how we experience a space.

Meian Building. Contemporary Dance Academy

The new design of the Generator building will allow people to connect through dance and movement. The body becomes a measure of architecture; people explore the space through movement. Dance will be the language to connect different cultures, to develop a new skill and be a part of the community.

Meian Building. Contemporary Dance Academy

The structure of the building designed with the concept forms is shifted according to the Sun in Bristol at a 53-degree angle filling the space with natural light. Daylight is used in contrast, in the form of voids, allowing rays of sunlight to pour internally, creating an ambient atmosphere.

Meian Building. Contemporary Dance Academy

Moments of pause, reflection and discovery - the spaces that allow for the reflection and integration - become as important as the movement. The idea of the in-between spaces are integrated to the design to allow users to reconnect and be present.

Workplace project

Small flexible workplace for a new start-up Interior Design company. The open plan workplace will maximise the functionality and use of space creating multi-functional areas. The space is designed with minimalistic approach. Minimalist design allows people to be in focus - how we feel within the space informs our behaviour.

Retail project

Concept store located in the heart of Bristol for Ace&Tate. In addition to the logo that I draw my inspiration from I have combined transparency and exposure to the interior to reflect my initial concepts. I have built upon these words to create my store design.

Staircase model

Model of Santiago Calatrava staircase in Tabourettli Theatre, Basel Switzerand 1986. Materials used: acrylic(painted, sandblasted), cardboard, wire. Scale 1:20