Maria Mikhail

As a self-motivated, passionate interior designer, I aim to approach briefs in a theoretical and often scientific way that is then passed on through details of the design. I believe that spaces engage to human emotions and have a great effect on people who dwell within them through experience and interaction. Being an international student, I’ve gained communicative and adaptive skills to changes. I design bold spaces to break the mould of traditional designs we’ve grown used to. Knowing that stepping outside the comfort zone develops and challenges the designer and gives opportunities for great designs, I focus on

flourishing my skills through practice.

Generator Training Centre

The Generator training centre, inspired by energy and play, offers a training space for people who are interested in circus arts and aerial sports. The space provides a community at the centre of Bristol with a ramp installation at the centre of the building that wraps the performance space.

Finisterre Concept Store

Finisterre, meaning “Land’s End”, was born to share the love of the sea and the adventure of surfing. The design was inspired by the waves’ white horses. The display structures, made from plastic bags, consumes the client into the atmosphere and clarifies the environment the clothes are made to survive.

Artist in Residency (Dom-Ino House) – Conrad Shawcross

The Live/Work space located at Bristol’s Narroways was designed to accommodate the artist Conrad Shawcross. The space has an open plan with façade inspired by the nature in the site and Le Corbusier’s purism. The spaces created are fairly plain except for the shadows created throughout the day.

Aphrodite Lighting - Product Design

Named after the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, the lamp is designed to give a statement about the beauty of copper. The outside of the lamp is made of hammered copper sheets while the inside is covered by copper(ii)sulphate (CuSO4) crystals that give a blue accent addition to the space.

Office at Temple Gates

Located close to the train station Temple Meads, the office was designed around the word connection and hence the human nervous system. The large tensile structure provides a canopy for the ground floor and a means of privacy to the mezzanine floor, while adding a playful element to the space.

Set Design - The Magpies

Based on a given piece of text, the set design was to represent a space where people (known as Magpies) drew their energy from. The overall shape of the model was derived from the shape of trees since it is often a representation of life and a source of energy.