Maxwell Hathaway

My name is Maxwell Hathaway, I am a curious and ambitious individual with a diligent work ethic. When it comes to my practice as an Interior Architect, I am an astute researcher and problem solver.
My specialisation in the commercial sector is fuelled by a profound interest in the social aspects of architecture, i.e. how space is occupied and how functionality can be optimised.
In addition to surrounding myself with good design, I enjoy being in a natural setting. With this in mind, I aim to work with sustainability and wellbeing at the core of my work.

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Untitled Workplace Project 1

The Workplace Project asked you to design a small, flexible workplace for your own design practice situated within a live site located in the city.

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Untitled Workplace Project 2

The Untitled Workplace Project 2 is a workplace for new businesses, with the primary objective to help the businesses grow in terms of productivity and scale.

Sofa System (Product Literature)

The brief asked me to choose a manufacturing process and identify it’s waste products, then to design a new product for the home which would utilise this. The task was to assemble an initial design proposal consisting of a piece of product literature that effectively celebrated the product’s potential. (

Stella McCartney Concept Store

This project focused on translating a brand into a complete retail space within a live site situated in Bristol City Centre. The space was to be designed around both the essence of the brand and the products which it aims to sell. (For more information:

Sweden Pavilion

For this project, I was tasked to design a portable pavilion constructed from a series of bespoke modular forms. The purpose of the pavilion was to provide a space where people could gather, socialise and celebrate Swedish food; by means of exhibition, tasting and demonstration. (For more information: