Neev Jiandani

My stylistic direction has been derived from the vast diversity that I have been exposed to over the past few years that have helped me adapt to different projects in foreign surroundings with a more systematic and conceptual approach.

I would describe myself as a reflective, imaginative and critical young designer with the knowledge for working on a variety of spatial projects, as well as having the ability to generate an approach to finding solutions for the renovating of internal spaces and conducting conceptual structural alterations.

I believe in using a minimalistic approach in my designs, while incorporating the

expressions of my clients individuality into each bespoke design being produced.

My specialised abilities lie mainly in the commercial and hospitality sector of design.

Sustainable Pendant Lights

The material is made from 100% sanitised used Cigarette Filters found in our environment. The extremely toxic waste has been adapted to create a material and further act as a sustainable light feature in the interior design industry.

Collaborative working space that could be used as a library and an informal meeting area for the clients. the bespoke shelves could also be used to store material samples in the workplace.


This design was inspired by the different working patterns of people within the workplace and the various areas that are necessary for a more productive and efficient workplace. My approach was to combine the flexible and comfort of a modern workplace with an effective drive for inspiration from a more traditional workplace.

Non-Profit Art Gallery

The gallery Acts as a Non-Profit by supporting various upcoming artists present their work in conceptual space based on their merit and not monetary value. The design was inspired by the preserved history of the property and combining it with the various preserved forms and mediums of art.

Artist Studio

The design was inspired by the different aspects of what artists, with varying requirements, need in a functional environment. The space is based on an open floor-plan with an open space that can be used to cater towards different mediums of art, alongside a small showcase gallery.

Eye-Wear Store

Using the identity of the brand and its history, the design was based on using a chemical formula and incorporating it in a form of continuity, to help guide the customer through the space.

Residential Estate

Using the Domino-House's 3 tier open space floor plan, the design was focused towards my clients very distinctive style of artwork, while incorporating a source of maximum sunlight into the floor plan, in addition to catering towards her needs. The space was also situated on a hill with elevator access.