Vrishan Seesunkur

Introduced to Design and Technology from an early age, I have always been passionate about it and I learned that everything requires a design process before realisation. The relationship with shapes, forms, colours, materials and generating ideas is constant.

Focusing myself on Spatial and Interior Design, as I find it complex and fascinating at the same time. The idea of designing for someone where they are going to spend most of their time and creating perfection is what I strive to achieve.

Building my design ethos to make me a better designer.
UNITY IN DIVERSITY is where good design stands;

believing in ideas being generated and reviewed by a group of people from different culture backgrounds will refine the work.

The ambition is to influence people into shifting to sustainable design for a better tomorrow on an international level. Widening the design knowledge with different approaches and seeing outcomes through all perspectives.

Exhibition Stand Project

Proposed Exhibition Stand for KITKAT. Modulable design components that allow portability. Fully effective space consists of a tasting bar, seating business area and an interactive front to explain the company ethos. Branding, shows directly who we representing


The design for this store was influenced by the Brand URBANISTA ethos about celebrating cities around the world. A cross-over of Urbanism and Movement gives this store its own identity. The material selection is to bring out the minimalist raw aspect of the new generation.


Our common enemy for the planet is PLASTICS. It comes into 2 different variables: Recyclable and Non-recyclable. The ‘’Cemantic Tiles” created is a mixture of cement and NRP within a ratio, where sand has been substituted completely with unrecyclable plastics granules. Henceforth, saving the sand and recycling the unrecyclable.


The workplace setting of a design practice is the key factor for the quality of the work outcomes. This design layout reflects my ethos as designer UNITY IN DIVERSITY.


The Picossa Performing Arts academy is the place that celebrates the history of Bristol, in bad or good, change acquired together is what makes the best of the community. The academy will bring out young performers from different cultural backgrounds and provides a full learning facility.