Rhodri Harrison

Passionate Multimedia Journalist and Videographer with a creative eye for content alongside a strong desire to tell compelling human stories. Experienced in both short and long form Videos for numerous platforms including local and regional media outlets alongside promotional content.

Comfortable self-shooting and editing in challenging environments with efficient reporting and interview skills across a variety of platforms, including print, television, online and radio.

I'm a huge believer in personal success stories being the most engaging content as it influences the viewer to push their own boundaries and succeed. I always want to do more with my content and hope

what I make has meaning not only to those involved in the story but also those in the audience.

'A Boy And His Board'

A short documentary about a young adaptive surfer named Ethan Jolosa who dreams of one day representing Wales in the Paralympics

Bristol's first Community Fridge

A short social video about the first Community Fridge opening in Bedminster, Bristol.

PDF - click image to view

Edward Colston: Statue marks Anti-Slavery Day with protesting artwork

An online article surrounding the former Edward Colston Statue in Bristol with particular detail on an Anti-Slavery protesting artwork on the controversial individual prior to the removal.

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Bristol's first Community Fridge launches in Bedminster to fight food waste

An article about the first Community Fridge opening in Bedminster aimed at tackling food waste in Bristol.